I have written, and in some cases continue to write, for various publications in Romania, including Elle, Esquire, Capital, Decat o Revista, the cultural newspaper Dilema Veche, and Cariere.  Those can be found posted on my blog by category or searched online by publication.

Most of the topics have focused on business, politics, or the cultural differences between folks in the US and in Romania.  I especially find journalism and banking here, two industries I know something about, to be the ripest topics for examination, if not easy ridicule.  I’ve also had the pleasure of introducing my friend Remus, and his own style of thinking, to readers in print.  Those can be found here under the category of How I Know I’m Not in New York.

In addition, as long as we’re on the topic of articles, I’ve also included some ancient examples of why I enjoyed being a reporter (sometimes) from my days at The New York Times and The Sun in Baltimore.