The Songe of If (The Gift)

The Songe of If (The Gift) is an adult fairy tale, a novel of philosophical fiction.

At times whimsical, serious, and humorous, the story focuses on the lives of three characters: an old French farmer, a young and lonely hen, and a roaming, lost rooster. Together, the three present to the reader complex personalities and relationships from which arise several basic questions about our precarious existence, the passage of time, the nature of love, an understanding of death, and how we choose our place in the world.

The story is told in a classical style of narration. Beginning with a prologue that tells the legend of a tree that walked to a farm from its home by a church, the book introduces the reader to the young hen, Marie, and the old farmer, both living removed and alone with oddly parallel existences.

During a violent storm one evening, the tree in the yard turns around and a rooster arrives. Soon after, Marie and the farmer begin to discover their perspectives of life and its pace have changed. Marie and the rooster, Aramis, begin to discuss their fears, their beliefs and their doubts as their relationship grows. And the tree, presumed dead, begins to disclose the message it brings amid signs of resurrection.

(Publication is pending the book’s unforeseeable completion.)

(Some excerpts, here.)